Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Book Review: "And It Was Beautiful"

I received  a copy of the book, And It Was Beautiful, by Kara Tippetts, in exchange for an unbiased review.

And It Was Beautiful  tells the story of the end of the life of Kara Tippetts, a 39-year-old pastor’s wife whose life was cut short by metastatic breast cancer.  The mother of four young children and friend to many valiantly battled breast cancer using conventional therapies in an attempt to live as long as she could.  This book chronicles much of that journey, as it is a compilation of her well-read blog, “Mundane Faithfulness”.  Although the story is a tragic one, it is not the tragedy that makes the story. 

Kara was a beautiful person.  I feel as though she and I would have been wonderful friends, and I am sure that I am not the only person who didn’t meet her in this life that holds that opinion.  You see, this story is one of triumph.  Not triumph over cancer, and not triumph over circumstances.  But triumph over SELF.  Kara truly did see the grace that God provided to her at every single twist and turn in her story.  And she so very often chose faith over fear.  She chose His goodness over her desires, and His plans over her time frame.  Her writings are a modern-day primer on suffering.  Kara's writing style is informal and conversational, while simultaneously holding much depth.  This book would make a great devotional-type read, particularly for those who are in the midst of suffering.  It is a humbling reality-check to our selfish natures.  It truly would be good for those who ask that age-old question, “But where is God in my suffering?”

Reading this book is a precise and particular reminder that He is right there, with outstretched arms of love, all of the time.  

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