Thursday, July 28, 2016

Lessons from Elijah

Today the kids and I learned about the prophet Elijah.  Elijah was a tough as nails prophet sent to talk to King Ahab.  King Ahab, bad as he was, wasn't the worst----that title was earned by his wife, Jezebel.

Jezebel hated God, and as a result, hated all representation of God.  I imagine her as a vindictive, spiteful, awful woman who was convicted over her sins and not only refused to repent, but wished to strike every memory of God from her person so that she would not be reminded of her sin.  She was not submissive; she led with an iron fist. She wanted her way.

Elijah told Ahab that Israel would have no rain until he said so.  And with that, the voice of the Lord led Elijah to a little brook that had not yet dried up so that he might drink, and fed him. . .

from ravens.

Yep.  He received, from the ravens, bread and meat two times a day.

Think about this:  why a raven?

Well. . . .a raven could fly to somewhere far away to GET meat and bread.  According to Wikipedia, a raven is a survivor because "they are extremely versatile and opportunistic in finding sources of nutrition, feeding on carrion, insects, cereal grains, berries, fruit, small animals, and food waste."  They are highly intelligent birds, able to problem solve and avoid capture.  

God used ravens because they were perfect, just the way He had already created them. They obeyed His command and never, ever wavered in their duty.
This election is really a pretty awful time.  It can cause a lot of worry and fear about the future for people who belong to Jesus.  We worry about our Christian liberties being taken away, about the laws changing into a form of legal persecution somewhere not too far down the road, about our American rights being stripped from us. We can get angry or upset about it to the point that it causes us to sin with anger or hate, or other things I am guilty of too.  

But what I saw today in my study was that, here is Elijah, simply following God in a time of terrible persecution, upheaval, and Israel not looking a thing at all like God's people in the way they were being led and in what they were doing, and in the midst of great turmoil and grief and sorrow. . . 

Elijah was fed by ravens.

Can you just imagine?  Imagine the starvation all around-----remember Katrina?  Remember how desperate people acted in a time of great calamity?  And yet God led Elijah to a quiet place of rest, and FED HIM BY RAVENS!  

Sometimes God has to get us in a hard spot so we can see the miracles that He does for us every day. 

If our country is headed for a hard spot, and you are a child of the Most High, be prepared.

Not to store boxes of ammo, not to boil water, not to get your Canadian passport ready. . . .

But be ready, by putting on your whole armor. . . .and simply follow God. 

And no doubt, He will make a miraculous provision for you.  

Psalms 37:25  "I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread."

May you have a blessed day,